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Why Do Straight Men Watch Tranny Porn?

One of the things about watching pornography these days, is the ability to do so from anywhere a person wants to. Because of negative connotations behind it, most people watch it anonymously or in private. This is where the phrase NSFW or ‘not safe for work’ derives from or is used. That is to let someone know that the email or material they are about to see, may contain sexually explicit images or material. In truth, it wasn’t long ago when watching pornography was considered taboo or perverted. In fact, it’s still thought of that way by many people. It’s also why the vast majority of folks who watch porno, do so quietly or privately.

Adult content permits a person to explore their sexual fantasies or fetishes. Additionally, it allows those who are curious about a certain sex act to find out more about it or see the sex act itself being performed. That factors in to why there are so many different porn categories. They provide individuals with choices to explore whatever kind of sex act or sexually explicit content they wish to see. There is one particular category in adult content that a great amount of guys watch. But since it involves transsexual or shemale participants, most keep it to themselves.

According to statistics, tranny porn is very popular. What’s really ironic or strange about it, is who the people watching it are. In most cases, it is heterosexual males who view tranny porn videos. They spend hours looking at she-males engaged in sex or performing sexual activities. However, those who are caught watching it or admit to it, are sometimes branded as gay. Numerous women have complained about catching their husbands or boyfriends looking at transsexual pornographic material. A large portion of them become concerned and wonder if in fact, their partners are gay. If not, they presume that their spouse may have hidden gay tendencies or fantasies.


All of this all brings up the question of why is that straight men watch shemale porno? Why do so many straight guys love tranny pornographic material? Unlike what most people think, it is not because the men are homosexuals. In fact, real gay men don’t like watching it at all. For them, it is not something that they are turned on by. Straight guys like tranny porno because of what it does for their sexual fantasies. Heterosexual men are only interested in women. It doesn’t mean however, that they don’t have hidden or wild sexual fantasies. It’s why the movie Fifty Shades of Gray became so popular in the first place. The eroticism behind it was something that aroused men and women all over the world.

When straight men watch a transsexual porn movie and see a shemale in action, they see things differently. For them, they see a hot female with a penis attached to her. Heterosexual males love their own penises and the ones which appear to be attached to a woman. They find shemale porno to be inherently arousing and exotic. The tranny material represents a titillating combination for men. It involves both femininity and masculinity together. Transsexual pornography highlights this and even augments it. Which is part of why so many straight guys love tranny porno.