Dating App for the transsexual community

The world has evolved together with the innovation of technology, and though there are dating sites that accepts transgender, the whole world is still not open to trans yet. The transgender community is still shunned by many religious fanatics, and though they are socially accepted in many circles, they still get discriminated upon by many closed-minded people

The new  transgender app – Transdr

Being a transgender, it is quite difficult to find true love in a place where it is comfortable without any tools for discrimination. Good thing is, there is a new app that is designed exclusively for transgender people, where they can be themselves without worrying about not getting the acceptance that they need. The new Transdr dating app makes it possible for trans people to meet people who they can connect to, meet, have a date with, or simply meet new people to be friends with. As a transgender, it is somewhat hard to make genuine friends, and Transdr is making this problem easier to solve.

Transdr is an alternative to Tinder, where a person can swipe left or right, finding suitable matches, accepting invitations, and declining some. The users in Transdr can filter their preferences, narrow their searches, and is user-friendly when it comes to finding other users that has the same interests and likes.

The challenges that Transdr faced

The transgender app Transdr has all the best intentions, but their choice of words have been criticized by the transgender community and straight men and women, because they used the words tranny, lady boy, shemale, sissyboy, and other offending words. The creators are working on making the site more friendly and less forward with their terminology, though they deemed it necessary to sue those terms to make sure that the app will appear in searches easily.

Though the used terms in Transdr are designed to for SEO purposes to boost the site’s searchability, the creators of Transdr respects the wishes and thought of the masses, and so they have worked on improving the terminology on the app, though it may take some time to fully change the offending terms, especially when they are developing the app to reach more countries and more transgender communities worldwide. Nevertheless, the Transdr app is a dream come true for the transgender people, and though it is not the first transgender app created, it is by far the best and popular.


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