Trans Guy Problems: Issues Trans men face

Being a transgender is hard enough, with all the problems regarding getting respect and acceptance from family and friends. Many transgender are undergoing depression because they are not welcomed in their own family, lost their friends, and often their jobs when they come out and change into who they want to become. Both trans men and trans women have issues they are facing in their daily lives, issues that involves relationship, friendship, family, work, and society. Trans women are actually adaptable than trans men, for a primary obvious reason that they cannot have sex change yet. Maybe in the near future it will be possible, but for the moment, that is the top issue.

Main problems for trans men

A trans man is an assigned female at birth (AFAB). Trans men are growing in numbers, mostly they are just coming out of their closet and are finally ready to face the world. However, the most fundamental issues that trans men are facing is the acceptance of their identity by other people. To be socially acceptable is significant for many people, whether a transgender or not. Discrimination is still alive everywhere, and trans men and women are constantly bullied for being what they are.

Trans men are facing a monthly problem of their period. Though trans men look like real men, they still have hormones, and they still have their monthly visits. Though there are medications that can prevent trans men to bleed monthly, it is still not a guaranteed safe method to use, especially when trans men are taking medications that ensures they will have the male physique.

Another issue that concerns the trans men is their ability to perform a sexual act with their female partners. Since trans men do not have the bodily tool to pleasure women like normal guys do, they would need to be very honest with the females they want to have a relationship with, and be out about their gender. With the right woman, a trans man can have a happy and successful relationship.

When it comes to work, trans men can excel in their profession without the usual discrimination that women gets, but if the trans man hides his true identity, it poses a risk of bullying and disrespect in the long run, no matter how efficient he is with his job, or how deserving he is of his position in the company.


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